Frequently Asked Questions

Give a brief overview of Stable Video Diffusion.

Stable Video Diffusion is a novel video generation AI model built upon the popular Stable Diffusion image model. It is now released as a research preview, representing a significant advancement on our journey to creating multi-modal models. This model is adaptable for various video applications, such as single-image multi-view synthesis, and supports custom frame rates from 3 to 30 frames per second. While currently limited to research use, it has already surpassed other leading closed models in terms of performance. Additionally, Stable Video Diffusion is part of Stability AI's collection of open-source models, covering various modalities such as images, language, audio, 3D, and code. You can access the code through our GitHub repository and obtain the required model weights via the Hugging Face page. Further technical details can be found in our research paper.

What technical skills do I need to use Stable Video Diffusion to generate videos?

Using Stable Video Diffusion does not require any specialized technical skills. We provide an intuitive user interface where you simply upload images, choose some basic video settings, and the system will automatically generate the video for you. The entire process is both easy and user-friendly, suitable for all users.

How long does it take to generate a video from an image?

The time it takes to generate a video depends on the video's length and complexity that you choose. In general, most videos can be generated within a few minutes. We are constantly optimizing our algorithms to ensure fast and high-quality video output.

Can the generated videos be used for commercial purposes?

Currently, Stable Video Diffusion is primarily used for research and personal creative purposes. If you consider using the generated videos for commercial purposes, please make sure to understand and comply with relevant copyright and usage regulations.

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